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Spring Fling Contest 2023

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Sea Magic

“Foggy mornings are filled with sea magic,” said Beau.

Annie slipped her fingers into Cousin Beau’s hand. Waves tickled their toes. Gray mist muffled the cries of gulls.

“I don’t see any magic. I think it’s scary out here.”

“It’s a spring fog, silly,” said Beau, pulling her closer.

“I guess it’s kinda soft,” said Annie, “like your hug.”

Beau dug into the sand as waves retreated. “Look, Annie, periwinkles. It’s sea magic. Watch for bubbles in the sand after the next wave.”

Annie dug where bubbles popped up. Beaming with delight, she held two periwinkles to show Beau.

He nudged a different shell. It grew crab-legs and scurried across the sand.

Annie jumped back.

Beau laughed. “It won’t hurt you. Try it yourself.”

Annie picked up a jagged stick and poked the shell. When it scuttled across the sand, she giggled and tried again. “Sea Magic! I see it!”

(gif by livingstills)

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