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Author Programs


What Do You See?

Explore the writing process from idea to published book. Primary students participate by thinking creatively and flexibly when looking at simple shapes. Teachers can choose to follow-up in the classroom with a simple writing activity. 

(30-35 minutes)

Writing Workshops

Writing workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your group. Possible topics include: Poetry Writing, Word Smithing, Revising, Using Simile and Metaphor.


I have been telling stories professionally since 1989.  My repertoire includes multicultural folktales and biographies. Programs range in length from 20 to 50 minutes depending on the audience age. Stories can stand alone or be integrated into the Author Program or Writing Workshops.

Use storytelling in the classroom to develop literacy skills, inspire writing ideas, enrich curriculum, teach story elements, or promote oral language development. Download Storytelling Magic for specific ways to integrate storytelling into your literacy program. 

Storytelling Programs

Magic happens the moment a storyteller enfolds a child in a story.  Reality falls away.  The teller vanishes, and the story dives straight into the heart.  Children ride the wave of the story, become the wave, become the story.  And in that transformation, literature comes alive.   

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